Get the best SDR to grow your Pipeline

No SaaS Sales position is harder to fill than Sales Development Representatives. The SaaS Sales Academy provides you with the best SDRs on the market – for a better price + less risk.

No SDR is born perfect. Until they are trained.

A great SDR isn’t only talented, but also trained. We screen the starter market for the best SDR talent – and train them in the fundamental skills they need to be an asset to your SaaS Sales team. Better trained SDRs. Available immediately. With no risk. Sounds like a deal?

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How the Academy works


You submit your request. We check if you’re a fit for our talent.


We place our beginner SDR in your company, while they also start their training at the academy.


Over a 5-month period, your new SDR learns the fundamental skillset – while already being a part of your team.


You decide if you want to take over the SDR.

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