Our SDRs will exceed your expectations.

No SaaS Sales position is harder to fill than Sales Development Representatives. With our trainees, you get high-performing, young talent – professionally trained, so you can focus on growing revenue. 

We know. Hiring SDRs is a nightmare.

They are hard to find.

You need to identify highly driven young talent... and that's difficult.

You don't have the time to train them

You're busy running a Sales team.

And after 12 months...

... it all starts again. Because good SDRs move on in their career!

And while you're busy hiring and training, your pipeline dries up.

Our SaaS SDR Trainees are pre-vetted, Pre-Trained Sales professionals. Hungry to grow your pipeline.

Trusted by companies like

Recruit the top 1% Sales Talent without any risk. How The Academy Works


We source and screen young talents.


We go through “hell week” with the talents to make sure that they fit our standards and are committed.


We speed-match talents with your company.


Our talents work at your company for 36h per week and return for 100 extra hours of training (over the course of 3 months).


After the traineeship is over, you can take over the candidate for a fee.

Our trainees are being trained in

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Nils Brosch, Lead Trainer

Nils is Co-Founder of the SAASCOLLECTIVE, and has trained more than 200 Sales professionals. He is a former SaaS CCO.