Start Your Career In Tech Sales.​

Join a fast-growing company in the world’s biggest industry. We will place you in a tech company that you love. And train you. Your career will have no limits

Why People Love to work in tech

We will train you and place you in an ambitious tech company. But why would you want to work in tech in the first place?

Tech is a 100 BILLION $ industry

The biggest in the world. And it's also the fastest growing industry.

Fast growth Environment

High pace means more personal growth.

Great pay

It's one of the best paying industries.

International career

Working in tech means you can choose to go abroad.

The Sales Traineeship will bring you 6 years ahead in 6 months

We would love you to become our Tech Sales Trainee.

Sure, you can just get a tech job yourself. But here’s what the academy offers that you don’t get with a regular job:

The result: A cool and challenging job. It’s fun, and it requires you to get the best out of yourself! If you’re ambitious and love to learn, tech sales is an endlessly rewarding career.

Endless career possibilities & great pay!

It’s safe to say that Tech is one of the most well-paying industries. 

As tech continues to evolve and bring new services/products to the market, sales roles remain essential for businesses. Despite crises, tech sales teams are demanding talent to keep driving revenue.

Our friends from Nobel Recruitment have assessed the salaries of Tech companies in Amsterdam and The Netherlands. This is the average trajectory of a Tech Sales career.

What you can expect

1. Application

You apply (no strings attached).

Just send in your information on this page and we’ll reach out to you.

1. Application

2. Screening

Are you a fit?

We check if you are a fit for the program, based on your ambition, qualification, and motivation.

2. Screening

3. Bootcamp

Your Free Kickstart to Tech

We get you up to speed in free sessions on Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success. Then, you can decide if you want to join the program!

3. Bootcamp

4. Matching

We find your perfect match

We connect you with a tech company that we think you will love. You don’t have to do anything!

4. Matching

5. Start 6 month Traineeship

Let’s go!

You work 4 days a week and have 1 day of training. We will make sure you are properly coached and trained.

5. Start 6 month Traineeship

>100 hours of training in 6 months

Personal Coaching & Mentoring

Continuous training beyond the 6 months sales traineeship

Minimum yearly salary of 32.500€ after Traineeship completion

Which qualifications do you need?

The Tech Sales Academy is a fit both if you have a Bachelor’s or a Master’s Degree in a business related field.

"I don't think I could have learned that much that fast anywhere else."

Mauk, Sales Academy Graduate

"The Academy Graduates were the best candidates I've ever hired. Period."

Lotte, Senior Tech Sales Leader

"The Sales Training really got our team up to speed."

Matthias, CCO @Firstbird

You will work with awesome companies like

We are a group of 10+ Tech Professionals in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success. We help companies through training and consulting services – and by delivering the best talent that they need to scale.

Your Lead Trainer: Nils Brosch​

As a CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) I have scaled businesses to 5 million € in revenue. Since then, I have trained over 200 Tech salespeople. I believe that every Tech can scale with the right skills, and that sales is a science AND an art.

The next Group starts 1 September. Will you join?
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