Discovery is the most important stage in your sales process.

Become an Opener. Not a Closer.

We will teach your Sales team the skills to get all relevant information from a prospect to help you close, whilst increasing the urgency to buy on the side of the prospect. The best salespeople are the ones that focus on winnable opportunities.

Good discovery = smooth deal process

Salespeople need to realise that sales is not about talking, but about listeningMost discovery calls are not customer-centric and do not reveal the true intentions of the buyer. 

How often has a deal gone dark on you? Bad discovery.

How often did you put a deal on ‘Lost’ after >25 interactions? Bad discovery.

How often did a prospect decide to go for a competitor? Bad discovery?

How often did a prospect reject you based on price? Bad discovery.

Sales demos are a mere continuation of the sales discovery process, which underlines the importance of being great during discovery calls. We train your sales reps to become great deal openers in order to take charge of the deal process, instead of reacting to it.


What we Teach in the Fundamental course

Stop selling to the Need

If you don't know the impact of a problem aka. the hierarchy of pains. Then you don't know what drives the buyer and you'll only be able to react. By understanding the impact that drives a customer's buying decision, we gain control of the purchasing process.

Difference between inbound & Outbound discovery

You'll the difference between being doctor in your own doctor's office and the doctor that is invited to speak about a virus on TV. In & outbound deal discovery vary a lot in the beginning phase of a conversation.

How to get the prospect to open up?

No more 'just show me your product'. Discovery calls are about respect contracts between you and the prospect. Learn how to trigger commitment and fade into a conversation.

Discovery is about qualification & disqualification

There is no shame in losing a deal. There is shame in losing a deal after many attempts and contact points.

Build your own discovery framework

Depending on what you sell, your questions must be different. Depending on who you are selling to the number of questions that you are allowed to ask are different. You'll leave the training with the right guidance to build your own playbook.

Prioritising your questions to maximise impact

Executive stakeholders suffer from 'discovery fatigue' - so you only get 5 questions to understand their pain/impact. Which 5 questions will you choose?

All you need to know about this course

2 x 2 hour online trainings

Online Classroom Training in small groups – Max 12 people.
Bespoke company trainings available from 5 participants.

Starting at €449 per participant.

What happens after the training?
We offer advanced follow-up courses and bespoke coaching options.

Upcoming Training dates

There are currently no events.

Our trainers

Driven to make you successful.

Nils Brosch

Founder SAASCollective
Sales Consultant

Founder at, Chief Commercial Officer at Recruitee (grew revenue from €30k MRR to €300k in 2 years)
Founder & Head of Operations at in Berlin (raised €4M, currently 50 employees)
Sales Director Eastern Germany & Head of Sales in UAE at Groupon
‍Education: MSc at Rotterdam School of Management

Tom van Berkel

Chief Revenue Officer at Easygenerator

Business Development & Enterprise Sales at
Sales Manager at Microsoft
Co-Founder at Mobiyou & BoGames
‍Sales at Google
‍Education: MSc. at Rotterdam School of Management

Why our participants are lovin' it

The sales team enjoyed the training and got both new ideas and confirmation.

Michel Rasing,
Head of Sales - Channable

Nils has trained and coached our young Sales super professionally in less than 4 months and helped them tremendously to become real Sales professionals.

Igo Trampe
COO - Trengo

I really loved how real world examples were brought forward in the training.

Matthias Wolf,
Co-Founder / COO - firstbird

SAASCOLLECTIVE has supported us in building a data-driven outbound process that fuels the growth of our business

Mike Keyzer
Scalability & Growth Manager - Taxibutler

"I thought I knew how to sell software - the course exposes your blindspots and triggers you to learn more and more and more. We had a big difference in the sales team performance level before and after the training."
Anabelle Porter
Account executivE

Included in this training

Below an overview of the topics which we will cover during this 1 day training.

Peer-to-peer feedback

An experienced tutor and a digital classroom full of likeminded people is what you need to bring the theory into practice.

Library of tools

We spend years in Customer Success and make sure we give you the best theory and tools. We created a library of best practices which we share during the course.

Practical exercises

Our trainings are stuffed full with practical excercises to make sure that the knowledge sticks and comes to life.

Training materials

We make sure you receive all training materials. Furthermore you receive a set of our most loved sales books.

Trainer support

We understand that every organization is different and that putting theory into practice can be hard. That’s why our trainer will be available for further questions after the course.

Alumni network & events

After your consent, we will add you to the alumni network to further exchanging best practices and experience. Furthermore we organise regular events/meetups to keep the knowledge up to par.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Chances are high your (burning) question has been asked before. Below an overview of the most common ones.

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As this is a foundation course, this training is focussed on customer success professionals with less then 2 years of experience in the field.
If you are still in doubt, please feel free to contact one of the trainers by filling in the contact form.

Yes, you can. Our trainings are designed in a modular way, which means that you can always level up your skills by following more advanced trainings or masterclasses.