You aren't using your strongest marketing channel. Yet.

Customer Marketing

Build a customer community that drives loyalty, insights – and new business opportunities. We help you set up and execute a winning Customer Marketing strategy.

70% of marketing departments ignore the #1 revenue channel. Why?

Here’s an inconvenient truth: Your main source of revenue is people talking to each other. And you’ll never be able to measure it properly.

Word of mouth is the key influencer in 74% of purchasing decisions. Especially in B2B.

Acquiring a new customer is more expensive than keeping an existing one. At the same time, the true revenue opportunity for B2B SaaS is upselling and expansion.

In short: Your customers are your biggest asset to drive subscription revenue growth. And you’re not using it.

Embracing Customer Marketing will help you get a deep understanding of how your ideal customers really buy. Who they are. And how you can leverage your customer base to accelerate new business growth.

How we will help you turn your customers into fans (and revenue drivers)

Customer Marketing means that your marketing accompanies your customers throughout the entire customer journey. Not just until the ink is dry. In our Customer Marketing practice, we focus on three key areas.

Customer Engagement & Adoption

Marketing is all about grabbing attention and guiding our customers towards their goal. The sale is only the beginning of that journey! Customer Marketing designs marketing messages and customer enablement tools that help facilitate the onboarding of your customers. Create strong customer engagement by attracting the right customers – and guiding them through their journey with your solution.

Key Tools: Activation messaging, Success Enablement, Knowledge base & documentation, Nurturing journeys

Loyalty & Retention

True loyalty in B2B happens when not only one stakeholder is bought into your solution – but the entire organization. Customer Marketing aims to reach stakeholders beyond the initial buying group. The goal is to create a deep organizational adoption and understanding why the solution drives value.

Key Tools: Content marketing, Product analytics, Customer journey mapping, User groups, Case Studies

Advocacy & Growth

That moment when your customers talk to each other is when you’ve created a community. A community drives word of mouth and invaluable insights for your entire company. But it doesn’t happen by accident. We help you create a customer advocacy program that drives account expansion and new top-funnel business opportunities.

Key Tools: Customer advisory groups, Organic word of mouth strategies, Expansion playbooks, Online reviews & testimonials

Your CRM: The foundation for successful Customer Marketing

Your Customer Relationship Management System isn’t true to its name: It’s built to facilitate new business Sales & Marketing activities.

Customer Marketing on a CRM level focuses on:

  • Validating the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and informing the new business strategy
  • Segmenting customers along the life cycle to ensure proper information flows
  • Enriching customer data with valuable insights to bring them to success

Yes, I want to leverage my biggest revenue opportunity!

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