Customer Success Practitioner Course

We will teach you the fundamental skills for effective Customer Success Managers. Become a champion for your customers!

Become the Customer Success Hero your customers are looking for!

This course provides any Customer Success Manager with a solid understanding of the key elements of effective Customer Success Management. Grow stronger and build an effective team!

What we Teach in the Practitioner course

Glossary 101

We teach the terms, metrics, and frameworks that any Customer Success Manager in B2B SaaS should understand. Think funnels, customer journeys, playbooks, KPIs.

Health Score & Data 101

Every CSM needs a basic understanding of data and health scores. We teach these fundamentals and show how health scores can deliver fast value.

Collaboration and Team Sync

Customer Success has so much impact on the entire organization. We teach your team how to successfully work with Marketing, Sales, Product, and everybody else.

Crash course: Engage, manage, retain

How do you manage a successful customer relationship? How do you understand if a customer needs extra attention, or not? We will get your team up to speed about the fundamental, practical techniques.

Onboarding for Success

Onboarding is the most important phase of any (successful) customer journey. We make sure your CS team doesn't fall into the most common traps and can successfully onboard any client.

Upselling 101

Customer Success is a revenue engine if done right. And they come natural (and non-salesy) for a well-trained CSM. We set the groundwork for a well-selling team.

All you need to know about this course

3 x 2.5 hour online trainings

Online Classroom Training in small groups – Max 12 people.
Bespoke company trainings available from 4 participants.

Starting at €749 per participant.

What happens after the training?
We offer advanced follow-up courses and bespoke coaching options.

More questions about this training? Talk to our Trainer!

Upcoming course Dates

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Your trainer

Steven van Rij

Founder SAASCollective
Former Head of Customer Success SimpledCard

Steven has more that 15 years of experience in the B2B SAAS field. After spending around 10 years in the product space in multiple roles (Backbase, Elsevier, Layar) he was one of the first in the Netherlands to ‘adopt’ customer success as part of the founding team of SimpledCard. Steven is a frequent speaker on a range of SAAS related topics and is founder of SAASCollective.

Why our participants are lovin' it

“This course is a great kickstart for every Customer Success Manager”

Robin van Lieshout
CEO - InSided

“The trainer is engaging and really pinpoints the main challenges for customer success managers”

Haiko Krumm,
VP Customer Success, Omnia Retail

Included in this training

Below an overview of the topics which we will cover during this 1 day training.

Peer-to-peer feedback

An experienced tutor and a digital classroom full of likeminded people is what you need to bring the theory into practice.

Library of tools

We spend years in Customer Success and make sure we give you the best theory and tools. We created a library of best practices which we share during the course.

Practical exercises

Our trainings are stuffed full with practical excercises to make sure that the knowledge sticks and comes to life.

Training materials

We make sure you receive all training materials. Furthermore you receive a set of our most loved sales books.

Trainer support

We understand that every organization is different and that putting theory into practice can be hard. That’s why our trainer will be available for further questions after the course.

Alumni network & events

After your consent, we will add you to the alumni network to further exchanging best practices and experience. Furthermore we organise regular events/meetups to keep the knowledge up to par.

Curriculum: Overview

Below an overview of the topics which we will cover during this 1 day training.

Explain what customer success is (not a department, but a mindset) and also what it is NOT. A high level view of the responsibilities and brief history of the field of customer success.

Explain why customer success is important and what the extrinsic/intrinsic value is for the (rest of the) organization.

Overview of the key activities of a customer success manager.

The impact of Customer Success to other departments in the organization (sales, product, operations etc)

Learn about the different engagement models (high touch, low touch, tech touch) and which is most suitable for your product.

Explain the key concepts of a customer journey as a base to optimize it.

Learn why onboarding is the most important phase in the customer journey. Also discuss the key activities that play a role in succesfull onboarding (f.i Key success milestones).

What are QBR’s. What’s their use and how does a succesfull QBR look like?

How upsell and expansion can come natural when you take the right approach.

How to prevent churn and monitor your customer base using data to keep up retention and renewal moments.

An overview of the top 10 FAQ’s of people that are new in the field of Customer Success.