23% of Churn happens during Onboarding

Plan, execute and measure a customer onboarding plan that grows your business. With our 3 month Onboarding Program.

Get your onboarding right • Get measurable results, fast

Training, Coaching and Execution combined

Clear price, clear outcomes, no surprises

Optional coaching after the program is over

You closed the sale! But Your Onboarding is a Disaster.
You don't know where to start. Consultants only talk.
And your team doesn't have the expertise (yet).

Our Onboarding Program gets your onboarding up to speed. It reduces friction in the sales process and creates measurable results for your customer success team. And it turns your new customers into raging fans of your product or service.

The best thing: You’re in complete control. And you own the results.

The Key to (Customer) Success:
Our Maturity Model

Our maturity models helps businesses understand where their customer success efforts stand. The first step to growing through Customer Success and mastering attrition and churn is an effective onboarding system. At SAASCOLLECTIVE, we believe that every SaaS company can scale. And we want to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to do exactly that.

The Onboarding Program: How it works

Our Onboarding Program consists of three pillars: a Customer Success Foundation Course, where we provide you with the fundamental frameworks and processes. The Onboarding Quickstart where we, together with your team, implement best-practice onboarding processes into your business. And after they are implemented, we help you grow them – with our Success Coaching. You can get the full 3-month program for only 2.999€. Talk to the expert to learn more about pricing and your options.

Onboarding Sprint

We implement best-practice customer onboarding, together
  • 1h Kickoff and Goal Definition
  • KPI Dashboard (Live)
  • Onboarding Guidelines
  • Onboarding Emails
  • 1h Training (Remote)

Success Coaching

We help your team keep the success going
399 monthly
  • KPI Dashboard
  • Bi-Weekly Call (1h)
  • Proactive Success Monitoring